Universal Migrator: Contact Type Detection Logic

Many systems keep track of whether a contact is a person or a company, however, some systems don't.

In systems like that, Universal Migrator uses an algorithm to detect the contact type and potentially parse out the first, middle and last names as well as the prefix and suffix.

The following table is a rough approximation of the logic that Universal Migrator uses to determine the type of contact:


Rule Type Determination
The name contains words like "and", "but", "or", "Corp" and "Inc" It is a company.
The name contains any punctuation other than a period, comma, or single quotation mark. It is a company.

The name follows the format:

{First} {Middle} {Last}

{First} {Last}

{Last}, {First} {Middle} 

{Last}, {First}

It is a person.


It is a company.

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