Fiddler: installation and configuration


Fiddler is a diagnostic tool that you can use to view and troubleshoot communication between Universal Migrator and cloud-based systems.  Fiddler must be running PRIOR to opening the application you wish to diagnose.  Therefore, you must close Universal Migrator prior to launching Fiddler.  Ensure Fiddler is running and configured using the instructions below, prior to re-launching Universal Migrator.

First-Time Fiddler Setup

The first time you run Fiddler, there is some extra setup you must do.

  1. Launch Fiddler from inside Universal Migrator.
  2. If Fiddler is not installed, a web browser will open and start downloading it.  Install it and then re-launch Fiddler.
  3. In the dialog that appears, click Cancel

  4. Click on Rules and ensure the following options are checked:
  5. Click Keep and change it to 1000 Sessions
  6. Click on Tools > Options > HTTPS and Check "Decrypt HTTPS Traffic".  A series of prompts will appear.  Allow them all.
  7. Click on the Protocols text:

    And in the dialog that appears, set it to the following value:
  8. Click OK to close all dialogs.
  9. (OPTIONAL)  Apply a filter by clicking on Filters > Use Filters > Show Only the Following... and providing a value that represents the API host name you need to troubleshoot:


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