Universal Migrator: Determine/Update Version

Determining Your Version

When you launch the Universal Migrator, in the bottom left corner of the application will be the version number and the release date.  These numbers are updated every time a new update to the Universal Migrator is released.


Updating to the Latest Version

The Universal Migrator auto-updates!

Every time you launch the Universal Migrator, it will perform a silent background check and, if necessary, update itself to the latest version.  If an update is installed, you will continue running an old version until you exit and relaunch.  On most internet connections, this process only takes a few minutes.
Once the update is installed, a message will appear telling you to relaunch to run the latest version.


Post-Update Tasks

Re-Apply License Key

After doing an update, your license key must be re-applied.

After doing an update, the license key must be re-applied.  Simply copy and paste your license key into the Universal Migrator and the license will re-apply.


Re-Apply Your License Key

Once you have done an update, reapply your license key.




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