Data Migrations: Postal Transfers

In some situations, it may not be possible to transfer your data directly from your old system into your new one.  In situations like this, we ask that you please perform the following steps.

1. Purchase Two USB3.0 External SSDs

You will be preparing two separate copies of your documents

Thumb-drives are not external SSD hard drives.

Please purchase two external USB 3.0 SSD hard drives and copy all of the documents onto each hard drive.  Please note that thumb drives are not SSD hard drives and not all USB3.0 hard drives are SSD hard drives.  If you are unsure of whether a hard drive meets this criteria, you can contact your IT professional or google search the hard drive's serial number.  Alternately, you can visit this link on for USB 3.0 external hard drives.

Please note that unless special arrangements are made prior to your migration, after the migration is complete, the hard drives will be securely erased and then disposed. The hard drives will not be returned.

2. Copy All Data to Each Hard Drive

Each hard drive should contain a complete, independent copy of all the data necessary for your migration and should not rely on files or data stored in other locations.

If you are copying data from an old server that does not have USB3.0 connectivity, copying the data directly to the USB hard drives may take a while.  You can use the following options to potentially speed up the copy

Options for Slow Servers

These options should only be used on slow servers that do not have USB3.0 ports.

  1. Copy Across the Network
    Plug the USB hard drive into a USB3.0 PC that is on the same network as your server. Using Windows File Share, copy the files across the network to the USB3.0 hard drives.
  2. Copy then Clone
    Once a complete set of the data has been copied to one USB hard drive, plug in the second USB hard drive to the same computer and copy directly from one USB hard drive to the other.

3. Ship both hard drives in separate packages

You will be shipping TWO separate packages

In order to prevent delays that may happen if a package is damaged, we ask that you provide us with two copies of your data that are shipped individually with their own tracking number in two separate packages.

Overnight ship each hard drive individually to the following address:
Faster Law Migration Services
12359 South 81st Street
Papillion, NE 68046

Please ensure that the hard drives are in individual packages with unique tracking numbers.

4. Provide us with Tracking Numbers

Please provide both tracking numbers to the person at Faster Law who is performing your data import. This person will inform you when they receive the hard drives.





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